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2004 Initiative Review Documents


Presentations given at the Initiative Review Meeting - August 3, 2004

Introduction to the Initiative. L.O.Mearns, L.Dilling, D.Nychka

Filling Critical Research Gaps. L. Dilling

Regional Probabilities of Climate Change. C. Tebaldi

Land Cover Forcing from the SRES Scenarios in Climate Models. J.Feddema

Changes in Extremes-Heat waves and frost days. J.Meehl

Developing Integrating Methods. L.Dilling

Water Resources in California. D.Yates

Flood Risk Management and Decision -Making. R.Morss, D.Nychka

Moving toward Decision Making as a Centerpiece. S.Moser

Integration, Management and Future Directions. L.O. Mearns


Binder material handed out to the Review Committee


I. Agenda

II. Review Committee Information

III. Charge Letter to the Review Committee. L.Winter

IV. Introduction to the NCAR Weather and Climate Impact Assessment Science Initiative. L.O.Mearns

V. Initiative Personnel

VI. Abstracts

Probabilistic assessment of regional climate change: a Bayesian approach to combining predictions from multi-model ensembles. C. Tebaldi, R.W.Smith, D.Nychka, L.O.Mearns

New methods to support decision making during freshwater ecosystem service evaluation: The case of the Sacramento Watershed. D.Yates, C.Tebaldi, K.Miller

Progress report for the Land Cover Forcing from the SRES Scenarios in Climate Models component of the WCIAS Initiative. J.Feddema

Uncertainty of causes and climate variability during past centuries - Regional and Climate Mode Response. C. Amman

Managing Wildland Fire Risks: Climate and Weather Information and Uncertainty. K.Miller, S.Schulte, A.Cullen.

Extremes Toolkit. R.Katz, E.Gilleland

Aviation Forecasts in the Weather and Climate Impact Assessment Science Initiative. M.Pocernich, B.Brown, M.Politovich

Downscaling of Severe Thunderstorms from Reanalysis Data. H.Brooks

Extreme Events in Climate Modeling. J.Meehl, C.Tebal

Climate Variability and Uncertainty in Flood Hazard Planning in Colorado. M.Downton, R.Morss, O.Wilhelmi, U.Schneider, D.Nychka, E.Gruntfest

Toward a central focus on Decision-Making in the Assessment Initiative. S.Moser, L.Dilling, L.O.Mearns

VII. Publications

Also submitted were budget information and a selection of articles.







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