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Education and Outreach

A teachers guide and additional in-class educational material are produced for complementing the new NCAR Mesa Lab exhibit "Climate Discovery" at the middle-school level. The hands-on material offers students and educators a stepwise introduction into proxy based climate reconstruction. The modules are designed to provide insight into climate variations during the Little Ice Age including background on the important role of solar variations and explosive volcanism for guiding past climates.

NCAR/UCAR Education and Outreach together with Doug Haller (outside contractor) are comleting a teachers guide to the Little Ice Age section of the Climate Discovery Exhibit, including:

  • Pre- and post-exhibit classroom visit activities that have been tested with students in the Mesa Lab classroom, and reviewed and revised with input from scientists, EO staff, and teacher/evaluators.

  • Background information and instructions supporting teachers in the implentation of the activities.

  • A list of educational material currently available on this topic, including materials found on the Internet and in digital libraries, as well as others found by means of word of mouth and inquiry with agencies and educators in the field.

  • Graphic design of Little Ice Age chapter of the Climate Discovery teachers' guide.

  • Visual images (in PPT presentation format) for use in classrooms by teachers.

  • Assessment tool to help teachers determine what students have learned.

Team/Collaborators: S. Foster (NCAR), R. Johnson (NCAR)

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