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Initiative Publications


Ammann C.M., J.T. Kiehl, C.S. Zender, B.L. Otto-Bliesner and R.S. Bradley: Coupled simulations of the 20th century including external forcing. Journal of Climate, (in press).

Downton M, R. Morss, O. Wilhelmi, M. Crandell, E. Gruntfest. Flood-related decisions and scientific uncertainty: Estimates of extreme precipitation in the Colorado Front Range. (In preparation).

Feddema J., Bonan G., Mearns L.O., Oleson K., Washington W., Meehl J. An evaluation of GCM sensitivity to land cover change experiments, and their potential importance to IPCC scenario simulations. (In preparation, manuscript draft 1/04).

Meehl GA, Tebaldi C, Nychka D, Changes in frost days in simulations of 21st century climate. Climate Dynamics, (in press).

Meehl GA, Washington WM, Ammann C, Arblaster JM, Wigley TML, Tebaldi C., 2004: Combinations of natural and anthropogenic forcings and 20th century climate. J. Climate, (in press).

Morss R., O. Wilhelmi, M. Downton, E. Gruntfest. Flood risk, uncertainty, and information for decision-making: Lessons learned from an interdisciplinary project. Proposed manuscript for BAMS.

Naveau P., M. Genton and C.M. Ammann: Time series analysis with a skewed Kalman filter. In: Genton, M. (Ed.), Skew-elliptical distributions and their applications: A journey beyond normality. 19pp., (in press).

Naveau P., and Schneider U.: Threshold selection for modeling exceedances over high thresholds. (Manuscript in preparation).

Naveau P., Jomelli V., Cooley D. and Rabatel A. Extreme value theory in lichenometry and paleoclimate. (Submitted to Quaternary Research.)

Tebaldi C, Nychka D, Mearns LO., 2004: From global mean responses to regional signals of climate change: simple pattern scaling, its limitations (or lack of) and the uncertainty in its results. In Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences, AMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Tebaldi C, Smith RL, Nychka D, Mearns LO., Quantifying uncertainty in Projections of Regional Climate Change: a Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Multimodel Ensembles, accepted subject to revision, Journal of Climate.

UCAR Quarterly, 2004: Web Watch: Extreme Statistics: A new toolkit helps profile the far ends of weather.

Wahl, Eugene: "A General Framework for Determining Cutoff Values to Select Pollen Analogs with Dissimilarity Metrics in the Modern Analog Technique", Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, (in press).

Wahl, E.R. and Ammann, C.: "Stationarity and Fidelity of Simulated El Niño-Southern Oscillation Climate Proxies over the Last Millenium in Forced Transient AOGCM Output". (In preparation, to be submitted to Climate Dynamics).

Wahl, Eugene, "Assigning Climate Values to Pollen Surface Sample Sites and Validating Modern Analog Climate Reconstructions in the Southern California Region", Madroño, 50:4, (in press).



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Santer, B.D., Wigley, T.M.L., Meehl, G.A., Wehner, M.F., Mears, C., Schabel, M., Wentz, F.J., Ammann, C., Arblaster, J., Bettge, T., Washington, W.M., Taylor, K.E., Boyle, J.S., Bruggemann, W., and Doutriaux, C., 2003: Influence of satellite data uncertainties on the detection of externally-forced climate change. Science, 300, 1280–1284.

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